Integrity, Transparency and Accountability

Ventas is committed to maintaining best-in-class corporate governance practices and policies that promote the long-term interests of our stockholders. Our objective is to promote integrity, transparency and accountability of management and the Board of Directors, sound risk management and the delivery of consistent and superior total returns to stockholders.

Rigorous governance and ethics standards are embedded in our culture and the way we conduct business; it is also borne out by our superior long-term performance and our relationships with our investors, employees and business partners.

We are fully committed to honesty, fairness and integrity in the conduct of our business. Our employees, officers and directors are required to comply with our Global Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and other policies. We also require our partners, suppliers and vendors, as well as their employees, agents and subcontractors, to embrace this commitment to integrity by complying with the Ventas Vendor Code of Conduct.

Communications with Our Directors

We further promote transparency by inviting stockholders to communicate directly with our Board of Directors by submitting an email to You can also contact our Presiding Director or the independent members of our Board as a group by submitting an email to Letters can also be mailed to our Board of Directors or our Presiding Director, care of our Corporate Secretary, at our principal executive offices at 353 North Clark Street, Suite 3300, Chicago, Illinois 60654. Communications addressed to our Board or individual members of the Board are screened by our Corporate Secretary for appropriateness before distribution to the Board, or to any individual director or directors, as applicable.