Longtime Leadership in Board Diversity

Ventas has long placed a priority on gender diversity at the Board level, and has maintained at least two female Board members since 2001, including Chairman and CEO Debra A. Cafaro. We have earned distinct honors as a “Winning” company on the 2020 Women on Boards Gender Diversity Index (opens in new window) and as a Corporate Champion by the Women’s Forum of New York(opens in new window). Diversity within the board is critical in bringing together varied perspectives and complementary experiences, and has been shown to have a demonstrable impact on business performance.1

Board and Committees

Our experienced, diverse and independent Board of Directors is an essential element of Ventas’s success. Our board members challenge us to outperform, manage risk and create value for our stakeholders. Their collective strength, engagement and judgment have contributed greatly to Ventas’s excellence, stability and strong performance.

Board Composition*

A comparison of the ethnic diversity and independence of women, visualized in two pie charts. The first pie chart shows that 54% of women are ethnically diverse, while the second pie chart shows that 91% of women are independent. This infographic offers a detailed breakdown of the age and tenure of board members. The left pie chart reveals that the majority of board members, 45%, fall within the 60s or older age bracket, while the remaining 55% are in their 50s. The left pie chart also shows a 60.4 average age. The right pie chart delves into tenure, highlighting that 45% of the board members have held their positions for less than 5 years.  Another 36% have served between 5 and 15 years, and the remaining 19% boast over 15 years of experience on the board. The right pie chart also show an 8 year average tenure.

Committee Membership*

1Hunt, V., Yee, L., Prince, S., Dixon-Fyle, S. McKinsey & Company. “Delivering through Diversity.” January 2018. www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/
* As of May 16, 2023