Public Affairs Activities at Ventas

Ventas maintains a government affairs function that ensures its business interests are appropriately represented through leadership roles in industry groups, thoughtful participation in relevant organizations and representation before governments who are considering regulation or legislation that may impact its business. Ventas’s policies regarding these activities can be found in our Political Contribution, Expenditure and Activity Policy.

Political Contributions and PACs

Ventas has not and will not make any direct corporate contributions to federal candidates, federal campaign committees, national political party committees and all other federal political committees. Ventas funds, assets and other resources may not be used to make a political contribution to any state or local government official or candidate, or any SuperPACs. If approved in advance in writing by the Company’s General Counsel, Ventas funds, assets and other resources may from time to time be used to support a political action committee or other political organization, a charity or non-profit organization at the request of any state or local governmental official or candidate, or any other political organizations, in each case to the extent permitted by law and not otherwise prohibited by our Policy. However, our directors, officers, employees and agents may (subject to certain limitations) engage in political activities, make political contributions, express political views or take other appropriate action on any political or legislative matter, so long as they are acting in their individual capacity, on their own time and at their own expense.

In prior years, Ventas has used corporate funds for political contributions in the amounts listed below:

Year Recipient Amount
2022 California Assisted Living Association PAC $6,975

Federal, State and Local Lobbying

Ventas is subject to federal, state and local lobbying registration and public disclosure requirements. When required, Ventas files quarterly reports with the United States House of Representatives and Senate that lists its lobbying activities and discloses the total amounts expended. Any consultants that lobby on Ventas’s behalf also file such quarterly reports. These reports are publicly available at in new window).

In prior years, Ventas has used corporate funds for direct lobbying at the federal level in the amounts listed below:

Calendar Year Amount
2022 $50,000

Ventas’s state and local lobbying activities are disclosed to the extent required by applicable state and local regulations. You can find those disclosures by visiting relevant state and local websites.

Industry Groups and Trade Associations

Memberships in certain industry groups and trade associations enable Ventas to gain insight into core issues faced by the industry as a whole, share expertise and knowledge that contributes to realization of greater efficiency and long-term success, and are beneficial to our business interests.

We are members of industry groups or trade associations that may endorse model legislation or support political campaigns or lobbying activities. In prior years, we have maintained memberships with the following trade associations where the amount of annual membership dues met or exceeded $50,000:

Year Trade Association Total Dues Non-Tax Deductible Portion of such Dues Allocated to Lobbying and Political Activities
2022 Nareit $219,821 $49,460
2022 National Investment Center $77,250 National Investment Center has not communicated to us whether any non-tax deductible portion of the dues was allocated to lobbying and political activities
2022 Argentum $55,000 $7,100

501(c)(4) Organizations

In prior years, we have made contributions of $1,000 or more to the following 501(c)(4) organizations for the purpose of writing and endorsing model legislation:

Year 501(c)(4) Contribution
2022 None None